I love building projects and practice my engineering skills, here's an archive of things that I've worked on.

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Next.jsChakra UI

X-Project is an annual event organized by the college organization, it includes bootcamps and various competitions.

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An SEO friendly blog built while I was working closely with the marketing team at Qneksi.

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Fullstack Job Portal web-app made during my first Software Engineering internship.

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A web app to analyze whether an opinion on specific topic is positive or negative based on recent tweets using Natural Language Processing concept called Sentiment Analysis.

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PythonFlaskBeautiful Soup

It's an easy to use API to get today's (and tomorrow!) prayer time in any city in the world, based on Muslim Pro.

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A simplistic pomodoro timer for productivity.

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A website that provides roadmap for various fields in Programming and help people learn to code for free.

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